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Land of the Loon Entertainment 2024


You will find Olcott Park filled with some of the most quality musicians you will ever encounter anywhere!


Saturday, June 15, 2024

11:00 AM: Derrell Syria Project (Finnish Reggae)
11:45 AM: Jerry Frasier (Comedic Magician)
12:30 PM: Downtown Dance Academy (Amber Johnson & her Local Stars)
1:30 PM: Preston Gunderson (Singer Songwriter)
2:15 PM: Sheltered Reality (Vivid Percussion Line)
3:00 PM: Eira (Diverse International Music)
3:45 PM: Derrell Syria Project (Finnish Reggae)
4:30 PM: Jerry Frasier (Comedic Magician)
5:15 PM: Eira (Diverse International Music)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

11:00 AM: Ecumenical Service featuring Pastor Katie Larson (Hibbing Presbyterian)
12:00 PM: Derrell Syria Project (Finnish Reggae)
12:45 PM: Preston Gunderson (Singer Songwriter)
1:30 PM: Downtown Dance Academy (Amber Johnson & her Local Stars)
2:30 PM: Jerry Frasier (Comedic Magician)
3:15 PM: Eira (Diverse International Music)
4:00 PM: Sheltered Reality (Vivid Percussion Line)



Jerry Fraiser

Comedic Magician



Eira (pronounced "era" in North America) performs music from Scotland, Ireland, Newfoundland, Canada, Wales, China, Scandinavia and the U.S.

Repertoire includes traditional, contemporary, and original songs and tunes sung in English, Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Chinese, and more, played on fiddle, erhu, guitars, bodhrán, bouzouki, mandolin, button accordion, and whistles.



Derrell Syria Project

Finnish Reggae



Preston Gunderson

Dynamic vocalist and performer Preston Gunderson has captivated an ever expanding fan base in Minneapolis and beyond with his heartfelt, and passionate performances.

Gunderson has been a fixture in the Minneapolis music scene for 10 years. He started his career early at the age of 15 playing in the bars of Northern Minnesota, a place known as the “Iron Range.” He has since forged his songwriting and performances to captivate his audiences.

His music has evolved through the years from his early pop sensibilities to a more introspective and thought-provoking songwriter. He has a simple way in which he brings hope even to the most heartbreaking songs.



Mel Annala

Guitarist and Singer



Sheltered Reality

A vivid percussion line that enhances our LAND OF THE LOON- it has for many years- beginning with the parade downtown Virginia. They send a positive message out to ALL THE PEOPLE with their fun and inclusive program!

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